My trip to Market Week in Las Vegas

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Hey guys!

I went to Market Week in Las Vegas and it was A-mazing! My mother and I were there for 3 days so I wanted to share my experience with you. There were so many countries in attendance, millions of products, thousands of vendors and buyers.  I'm not going to lie. On the 1st day, it was so overwhelming. We definitely needed walking shoes because the convention center is a pretty big place. 

That was my first time attending a business convention.  I met new entrepreneurs and business owners that have built million dollar brands. So many people were excited to hear my story; and that kind of surprised me.  They talked about how lucky I was to have my own business at 16 years old. They even said how much farther they would be if they had started at my age.  As different people gathered around to hear my story, someone ended up getting the director of the event. After hearing my story, she asked to interview me and mom. I was really nervous because I have never been interviewed before.  

During the convention, we went to several seminars throughout each day. I learned about marketing, building my brand, building business connections, and so much more.  I really felt like an adult...hehe. Sometimes I had no idea what different presenters were talking about, but I guess as a beginner that is expected.


There were thousands of brands and products. It was hard to keep my focus sometimes.  I wanted everything! I learned so many valuable lessons that I brought home and started to put into practice. While there, I learned to communicate with business owners, ask important questions, build relationships, and business connections.  It gave me a different perspective as to how things are done. I'm so happy I was able to experience it for myself.

Once we left the convention center, we relaxed at our hotel for a bit. Then, we hit the Las Vegas strip and walked for hours.  We shopped and had dinner at Black Tap, which is a restaurant inside the Venetian Hotel.  They had the most delicious sundae ever!


After dinner, we literally walked for miles on the strip. It was so beautiful.  I'm grateful mom allowed me to experience an event of that magnitude.  It opened my eyes to the gift I've been given and allowed me to see the possibilities to build a highly profitable and successful business.  It was  also refreshing to be around like minded people, which is rare. I look forward to more opportunities like that.  This is only the beginning as mom always says.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.  I hope you will stay connected as I continue to share my journey with you.  I welcome your comments...until next time.

Shine from Within,

Love, Nia



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  • Congratulations and Best Wishes as you continue to soar!

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