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Not a Car, but a Business...

Not a Car, but a Business... : Ni'Abri Beauty
Not a Car, but a Business... : Ni'Abri Beauty

I was in 3rd period, Geometry class.  While I was supposed to be doing a worksheet, instead I was watching youtube videos on how to make clear lip gloss. I do not recommend this... Hehehe. Don't tell mom. Lol. By the way I have a 100% in that class, so it’s all good. Anyway, I turned to one of my best friend’s and said “I have a good idea.” She said, “let me guess, is it something to sell?” Umm, of course it was! She knows me so well. I told her what I was thinking. She loves business as much as I do. She suggested I go through with it. I texted mom and told her about my idea. She suggested that I level up and turn the idea of selling lip gloss into a brand. We had a few discussions about it and came up with a brand name and products to sell. We didn’t talk much about it after that.

Not a Car, but a Business... : Ni'Abri Beauty


Meanwhile, my mother and I were planning my Sweet 16th Birthday Party and the whole time I kept asking “Am I gonna get a car?” I mean...isn't that what every 16 year old wants for their birthday? But mom was like, you need a driver's permit first. By the time my party rolled around I did pass the test to obtain my permit, but I did not get a car for my birthday.  My gift was the beauty brand mom and I discussed months ago. There were bottles of lip gloss with my brand name and a full website ready to go! I was so surprised! Mom presented it to me at my Sweet 16th party. No, I didn’t get a car for my birthday, but as one of my friends at the party said, “You got a whoooooole business for your 16th birthday, you could buy your own car soon!”


Not a Car, but a Business... : Ni'Abri Beauty

What I appreciate most about getting a business for my birthday is that I am in control. I can grow it from the ground up and allow it to flourish on my own, and with the help of my mother, of course. To be honest, I'm also a bit nervous because I have never done anything like this before. The idea of being in charge is exciting, but also scary. What if I fail? I have a lot of thoughts going through my mind, but my mom tells me it's completely normal.

Not a Car, but a Business... : Ni'Abri Beauty


 I am so thankful for having a mom that believes in me and supports my dreams. So, that's a little bit about how it all started.  I’m so excited to take y’all on this journey with me. Stay tuned as I share more through this blog, Instagram and Facebook to start! Make sure you are connected so you don't miss anything.  Feel free to leave a comment below.  I would love to hear from you.  Until next time. : )

Not a Car, but a Business... : Ni'Abri Beauty

Shine from Within,

Love Nia

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My Story went Viral...who knew : Ni'Abri Beauty

My Story went Viral...who knew

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OMG...It's Official!


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